Glory of Kings: 6 heroes are adjusted and Arthur Angela is strengthened

King glory as a game has been very popular, the relevant balance is also very much, and this wave of experience suit updates, there are 6 heroes have been adjusted to a certain extent, let's take a look at it.

First of all, the consumption master Shen Mengxi, his long-range poke is indeed a headache, but the operation difficulty of the 1 skill is a bit high, so this time it is optimized, opening the function of automatic aiming after the roulette wheel cast in this skill operation setting, and also canceling the restriction that 2 skills cannot be put on the way to 3 skills, and the big move also reduces the stiffness after release, and I feel that he will be flexible a lot.

The hero of the second adjustment is Angela, the shield value of her big move has increased from 700 (+350/Lv) (+0.88Ap) to 850 (+450/Lv) (+0.88Ap), and the disabling time after use has also been reduced from 1 second to 0.5 seconds, which has also become stronger, Sima Yi has undergone some adjustments last time, but it is still very unpopular, so this time he gave him 2 skills Passive Recovery Ability optimized, when he is damaged by spells, 50% Converts to life in 5 seconds to life within 3 seconds, and the faster the recovery speed may allow him to survive the chaos battle.

The new hero Has also received a lot of adjustments this time, 1 skill (jade and spinning) two stages of the feel optimization, removed the displacement process of the flying effect, only in the final click to fly, and ignore the toughness effect is also canceled, 3 skills feel is also optimized, 2 paragraphs to improve the accuracy of the judgment time, overall the use of this hero is simpler.

Novice hero Arthur also strengthened a little this time, 1 skill enhancement general attack duration increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds, acceleration duration was also increased to 3 seconds, and the silence duration increased from 1 second to 1.5 seconds, this skill can be said to be all-round strengthening, whether he can make him tiger again depends on everyone's play.

The last adjusted hero is Shield Mountain, the effective range of 2 skills has been reduced from 650 to 550, and the subsequent continuous push control of 3 skills has also been canceled, which can be said to have greatly weakened his ability to open the group, so what do you think of these adjustments? Let's look forward to how these heroes will perform later.

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