The traitor who killed Xiang Ying, who was arrested as a buddy in the salt shop in anonymity, Chen Yi: Severe punishment

In the summer of July, it was already bright at six o'clock in the morning.

There are not many pedestrians on the street, except for the early breakfast shops that have already opened to welcome customers, many shops are still closed.

This is a street in Xinyu County, and this "Xingji Salt Shop" is closed at the moment. Although salt is inseparable from daily life, not many people will get up early to buy salt in the cold goods in the morning, so it is not surprising.

However, on July 28, 1952, something went wrong in front of the salt shop. At about six o'clock in the morning, around the salt shop that had just been quiet, a dozen people dressed in public security uniforms came up, and in a flash, the salt shop was surrounded.

"Boss Chen, open the door!" The police came forward and slapped the door. The people in the shop didn't know there were so many people out there. The bolt twitched, and then the door opened a slit. The face of the salt shop guy appeared in the crack of the door: "Please ask..."

Before the guy could finish speaking, the police rushed up, and the guy was already subdued. People around to watch the liveliness gathered around and talked about it. The guy who was caught, while resisting, shouted: "What are you doing when you arrest me, you have arrested the wrong person!" ”

"You'll know when you get to the bureau, be honest!" Two police officers lifted the guy's anti-scissor arm, making him unable to move.

The traitor who killed Xiang Ying, who was arrested as a buddy in the salt shop in anonymity, Chen Yi: Severe punishment

Capture traitors

Chen Cixin, the owner of the salt shop who heard the movement, rushed over from the back house, and when he saw this posture, he was stunned, he didn't know what happened, usually very honest guy, committed an accident?

"You're Boss Chen, right?" Please also give us a walk, some of which need to be checked. Chen Cixing listened to the words of the police, quickly nodded and said, "Yes, yes, I will go with you." ”

What Chen Cixing could not have imagined was that this fellow of his was actually the murderer of Xiang Ying, deputy commander of the New Fourth Army, and Zhou Zikun, deputy chief of staff, 11 years ago in the "Anhui Incident in Southern Anhui", a traitor to the New Fourth Army.

Chen Cixing was frightened out of a cold sweat, how could he have imagined that one of his good deeds had turned into harboring criminals!

It was a day in June 1948, when Chen Cixing was still working as a bookkeeper at the "Wuji Salt Shop" in Jiujiang. That day, he opened the door in the morning and found a man fainting from hunger at the door of the store. In those years, soldiers were in chaos, and it was not uncommon for someone to go hungry and faint.

Chen Cixing was a kind man, and he helped this person into the shop and cooked a bowl of noodles for him to eat. Under the inquiry, I knew that he was a native of Leiyang, Hunan, and he was a fellow countryman. Coincidentally, he is also surnamed Chen.

I met my fellow countrymen in a foreign land, and five hundred years ago it was a family, all surnamed Chen, so I felt particularly close. Seeing that he had nowhere to go, he pleaded with his boss and took him in as a buddy in the shop.

Old Chen ren is very diligent and not dull, and everyone likes him. After less than half a year, Chen Cixing left Jiujiang for Xinyu and opened his own salt shop in Xinyu.

Chen Cixing thought that it was their separation, but he did not expect that in May 1949, Old Chen actually resigned his post and came to Xinyu to join him. He felt that this was fate, so he cherished it and recognized him as a brother. When xinyu was registered after the liberation of Xinyu, both of them were hunan natives, and both had the surname Chen, so they were registered together, and they became brothers in the same household registration book.

However, how could Chen Cixing have thought that this brother of hiss was not surnamed Chen at all, but surnamed Liu?

The traitor who killed Xiang Ying, who was arrested as a buddy in the salt shop in anonymity, Chen Yi: Severe punishment

Traitor Liu Houzong (stills)

Yes, he is not surnamed Chen, but surnamed Liu, called Liu Houzong. That time in Jiujiang, starving in front of the Wuji salt shop, he was driven off the boat, he was originally planning to go to Shanghai to make a living, but because he did not have money to buy a ticket, when the ship arrived in Jiujiang, he was driven down.

What's going on? He shot and killed xiang Ying and Zhou Zikun, such senior generals of the New Fourth Army, and defected to the enemy, why did he fall into disgrace?

This has to start with his past and present lives.

When Liu Houzong returned to the New Fourth Army again, his heart was very unhappy, because he was only an aide-de-camp in the Adjutant's Office, and he said that nothing counted, and he had to listen to the chief.

And this is the work he dislikes the most, he likes to decide for himself, to do whatever he wants, when he first pulled up the guerrillas, it was like this, it can be said to be one and the same. Because he is not afraid of death, the battle is fierce and fierce, and he is known as the "Chief Master" in the local area, and many people in the local area say that he is a "big killing star".

At that time, he was in his 20s. Born in 1903, Liu Houzong joined the peasant association at the age of 23, quickly became a backbone, was elected a member of the peasant association the following year, and became the leader of the peasant Red Guards in 1928.

By 1934, the Red Guards were organized as the third brigade of the Leiyang guerrillas, and the county party committee appointed Liu Dezong as the captain of the brigade, and Liu Houzong as the political commissar. Soon after, Liu De took up the post of commander of the brigade, and he served as the captain of the brigade, but his superiors sent Liu Xiangming as the political commissar.

Liu Houzong was not satisfied with the arrangement of his superiors, and he wanted a person to be in charge. Therefore, when he was the political commissar, he could not pee with the captain, and when he was the captain, he always had an awkward quarrel with the political commissar. He felt that the leaders did not trust him, so he complained bitterly, often did not listen to the command, and acted without authorization.

By 1938, the guerrillas were reorganized into the New Fourth Army, and he was appointed deputy battalion commander of the special service battalion of the military department. The addition of a "vice" word is even more unpleasant. So, there were small mistakes until he beat the soldier and did not accept the criticism. This attracted the attention of his superiors and sent him to study at the Yan'an Party School, because he was still relatively good at fighting and brave, so the organization still tried his best to make him progress.

Liu Hou did not want to study, and repeatedly asked to return to the army to participate in the battle. In 1939, with the approval of the organization, he returned to Leiyang. At first, he did not want to go back to the New Fourth Army, he wanted to pull a guerrilla group alone, but at that time, the Kuomintang and the Communists cooperated, and that side would not allow him to do so, so it was too difficult, and he returned to the New Fourth Army. He was assigned to the Third Section of the Adjutant Division of the Military Department as an adjutant, in charge of the carpentry class and the breeding class.

This disappointed Liu Houzong, who felt that he had studied in Yan'an, and at least he could be promoted to a higher level and become a battalion commander. Unexpectedly, when I became an adjutant of the improper family, I was still in charge of carpentry and breeding.

From that time on, he had the idea of defecting to the enemy. Of course, the surrender of the enemy must have a name, so he is waiting for the opportunity.

The traitor who killed Xiang Ying, who was arrested as a buddy in the salt shop in anonymity, Chen Yi: Severe punishment

Xiang Ying

Just when Liu Houzong was bent on surrendering to the enemy, the "Anhui Southern Incident" occurred that shocked China and foreign countries. Many people think that Liu Hou is always Xiang Ying's aide-de-camp, but in fact, this is a misunderstanding, Liu Hou is always an adjutant who is in charge of carpentry and breeding, not Xiang Ying's personal aide-de-camp.

When the New Fourth Army moved north and the incident occurred, Liu Houzong and Xiang Ying did not act together, but encountered them on the way through the breakthrough. It was the evening of January 16, 1941, when Xiang Ying and Deputy Chief of general staff Zhou Zikun arrived at Dakangwang Village in Jing County with their guards, they met Liu Houzong.

Xiang Ying did not know Liu Houzong, but Liu Houzong knew Xiang Ying. He took the initiative to introduce himself as an adjutant of the adjutant's office, and Xiang Ying listened to it and said, since it is the adjutant's office, let's go together.

In this way, Liu Houzong followed Xiang Ying's action for nearly two months, constantly transferring and hiding, and on March 12, they came to the Bee Cave on Chikeng Mountain. Because the cave was so small that it could only accommodate four people, Xiang Ying, Zhou Zikun, and their guards Huang Cheng and Liu Hou lived in the bee cave that night.

Xiang Ying's guards Li Dehe and Zheng Desheng lived in a grass hut on the mountainside, led by Liu Kui, a combat staff officer. The main reason is that the cave cannot be lived, and the second is to play the role of a guard post.

It was raining heavily and hail, and it was cold in the cave. Xiang Ying and Zhou Zikun were both experienced generals, not as flustered as some people imagined, they were calm and self-assured. After entering the hole, a chessboard was drawn on a flat stone. The adjutant Liu Hou was guarding the door of the cave, and the guard Huang Cheng was guarding the innermost one.

The traitor who killed Xiang Ying, who was arrested as a buddy in the salt shop in anonymity, Chen Yi: Severe punishment

Zhou Zikun

Late at night, Huang Cheng urged the two chiefs to rest several times, Zhou Zikun let Huang Cheng sleep first, and Huang Cheng slept in the innermost part. He was awakened by the sound of gunfire, and as soon as he grabbed the pistol under his pillow, his arm was shot. He saw Liu Houzong shooting at himself, and then he didn't know anything.

Liu Houzong snatched money, watches, pens, cigarettes and other items from Xiang Ying and Zhou Zikun and went down the mountain to the grass hut where the guards lived. Because when he first arrived here, Xiang Ying arranged for Liu Houzong and Li Dehe to go to Hong Lin, secretary of the Jing County Party Committee, the next day, and contact the underground organization to cooperate with the breakthrough.

Therefore, when Liu Houzong came to the grass shed, everyone did not find anything unusual, they seemed to hear the gunshots, but they were not sure. Besides, at that time, gunshots were all too common.

Liu Hou said to Li Dehe, "Let's go quickly and go on a mission." "This is in line with the task given by the chief last night. Li Dehe and Liu Houzong went down the mountain.

Li Dehe and Liu Houzong walked not long ago, soaked urine, and saw Liu Houzong running down the mountain with his legs. Li Dehe called him "Wait", Liu Houzong ran faster, and the panicked look made Li Dehe giggle in his heart, "Not good", and then reflexively ran towards the mountain.

When the operational staff officer Liu Kui saw Li Dehe and rushed back in a panic, he quickly asked, "What about Liu Houzong?" ”

"General Manager Liu Hou left me and ran down the mountain, maybe he did the gunshot just now, will the chief be okay?"

After listening to Li Dehe's words, Liu Kui ordered Li Dehe and Zheng Desheng to chase after Liu Houzong, saying that special measures could be taken and that they must be brought back. He himself and the others rushed towards the bee cave.

The traitor who killed Xiang Ying, who was arrested as a buddy in the salt shop in anonymity, Chen Yi: Severe punishment

Bee Cave

When they came to the bee cave, everyone took a breath of cool air, and some of the soldiers cried on the spot. Both Xiang Ying and Zhou Zikun had already died. Huang Cheng was still angry, and after shaking his wake, he said that Liu Hou had shot the chief. He blamed himself for not protecting the chief, and was seriously injured, asking Liu Kui to make up a shot for himself.

Of course, Liu Kui would not agree. At this time, Li Dehe and others who went to chase Liu Houzong returned, and the people had already run away. Liu Kui followed the chief for a long time, relatively calm, and he judged that after Liu Houzong surrendered to the enemy, he would definitely take the enemy to look for the chief's body.

Therefore, he ordered everyone to immediately transfer the bodies of the two chiefs to a mountain col more than a hundred meters away from the bee cave and bury them, making a mark. It was agreed that whoever was alive in the future would report to the organization, find the remains of the chief, and rebury them.

After the explanation, he asked the guards to find a way to break through, and he carried Huang Cheng on his back and walked more than twenty miles, sending him to the most trustworthy Xu Laosan family. Later, he found a doctor to operate on Huang Cheng, and then left.

Later, he returned to Xu Laosan, picked up Huang Cheng, who was wounded, and a female warrior, Liu Ming, who later became his wife, formed a guerrilla group. It was these three guerrillas who persisted in the struggle in southern Anhui and actually grew to tens of thousands of people. Liu Kui made great contributions to the struggle in southern Anhui.

Moreover, Liu Houzong, a traitor, after killing the two chiefs, under the pretext of carrying out a mission with Li Dehe and going down the mountain, took the opportunity of Li De and urination to rush down the mountain. After surrendering to the enemy, he told himself that he had killed Xiang Ying and Zhou Zikun and demanded that he be sent to the Third Theater of Operations.

Sure enough, as Liu Kui's staff officer expected, the enemy did not believe what he said, so he asked him to lead the way to the bee cave to check the corpses of Xiang Ying and others. But when they came, there was nothing in the cave, not even blood.

This shameful traitor not only did not receive a heavy reward and became a high-ranking official, but was also thrown into prison and interrogated many times. It was not until later, when the news of the sacrifices of Xiang Ying, deputy commander of the New Fourth Army, Yuan Guoping, director of the Political Department, and Zhou Zikun, deputy chief of the general staff, appeared in the news that the enemy believed Liu Houzong.

The traitor who killed Xiang Ying, who was arrested as a buddy in the salt shop in anonymity, Chen Yi: Severe punishment

Liu Kui (1955 Colonel)

In 1948, Liu Hou was released and received a sum of 25 million. Twenty-five million now looks like a huge sum. In fact, at that time, it was not worth much money, and the reactionary regime was already crumbling and prices were soaring.

Liu Houzong also thought that it was too little, and he wrote to Old Jiang and asked for another bonus, or a relief fund. However, no one paid any attention to him. He had to take the money and eat, drink and have fun. He did not dare to return to Hunan, so he went to Chongqing to play for a while, and then went to Hankou.

Soon, the money ran out, he wanted to go to Shanghai to make a living, but when he arrived in Jiujiang, he was driven out because he did not buy a ticket. In this way, he fainted in front of the Wuji salt shop and met the good man Chen Cixin.

This time, it was a national unified action to check the household registration, and among the public security personnel who came to Chen Cixin's house to check, there was a guard who had once served as Xiang Ying. Everyone was in the military headquarters, and naturally they had met. Although so many years have passed, people will not change much, so they recognize it.

The police officer, who had been transferred from the army, immediately reported to the bureau chief, and there was a scene of the police arresting this shameful traitor at the beginning of this article.

After learning that the traitor Liu Houzong had been captured, Chen Yi called Chen Zhengren, secretary of the Jiangxi Provincial CPC Committee, on the same day, instructing that he must severely punish him and punish him with capital punishment.

One day in early August 1952, the traitor Liu Houzong was executed.

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