"Sitting on the Guest's Ear" S11 Gao Tianliang: Merit and Fault Are Irreparable Life is important in the arena

author:Esports hero LoveAnn
"Sitting on the Guest's Ear" S11 Gao Tianliang: Merit and Fault Are Irreparable Life is important in the arena

Thinking about it for several days, I felt that Xiaotian's affairs should still be written.

When I think back to S9, FPX is really strong, and Xiaotian is really strong. The times make heroes, and the FPX's playing style is a perfect fit for the version at that time. Admittedly, in the most critical moment of the FPX in the S9 group stage, Tian's blind monk helped the team to qualify smoothly. At that time, Tian was a tatsuno who was not completely attached to the support of Zhongdan, he had his own ideas, and he was also very bold. The more desperate the situation, the more Tian completed his self-achievement. Except for the group stage, Tian played very well throughout the S9 World Championship.

Truth be told, Doinb didn't accept Tian winning the Finals FMVP trophy. Everyone can see this.

If you consider the FPX's personnel formation characteristics and the team's unique playing style, then Doinb qualifies for the S9 Finals FMVP trophy. Because a game has a highlight picture that is seen by people, and there is also a playing style that is not easy to be simply understood, there is not only one person who is responsible. But there was absolutely no problem in sending the FMVP trophy to Tian at the time, and Doinb really shouldn't be cynical.

"Sitting on the Guest's Ear" S11 Gao Tianliang: Merit and Fault Are Irreparable Life is important in the arena

Xiaotian is one of the heroes of FPX in S9, but merit and fault can never be offset, otherwise honor and regret are not pure.

During the spring LPL phase of the S10 season, I thought the continued downturn in the FPX had a lot to do with Tian. Whether Khan and FPX's playing style is a match or secondary, the player must first ensure his own form. At the time, Khan covered up the problem for Tian, and quite a few people didn't realize that the biggest problem with FPX was Tian. In the offseason before the Summer 2020, I think the FPX has to find someone to replace Tian, at least let Tian rotate. The team spent a lot of money to bring In Khan in, the personnel composition was towards the S10 World Championship, and the transfer operation in the offseason was the last chance for the FPX at that time. But perhaps because the FPX took into account the public opinion environment of the FMVP players, management and the coaching staff overestimated Tian's ability. That offseason FPX didn't do anything in the field position. The situation in the summer race can be imagined, and the FPX and S10 that cost a lot of money to introduce Khna have nothing to do with it. Ginger couldn't save forever, and Khan later returned to LCK with his salary and regrets. FPX's S10 season came to a hasty end. Real money and silver have been spent so much, and the results are getting worse and worse. The opportunity for change is in front of us, but it is indifferent.

I'm a little author, speaking softly. If I were the owner of FPX, it would be time for management to change people.

"Sitting on the Guest's Ear" S11 Gao Tianliang: Merit and Fault Are Irreparable Life is important in the arena

Let's talk about the performance of the FPX in S11 this time.

Tian and Doinb account for the main pot, and there are also pots on the lower and upper roads. I saw a sentence in a well-known forum that said that when Tian and Doinb were mentioned, neither of them had the feeling of eating dumplings without vinegar. The words are very flattering. But don't forget, you can eat dumplings without vinegar, but you can't eat vinegar without dumplings. If Doinb is a very good winner in S11, then Tian's outrageous performance makes him look like a pro. Some people say that Doinb and Tian are fifty steps and a hundred steps, but I don't think so. If two people have a 60 and another 65, you can say fifty steps and laugh a hundred steps. But if one person scores 55 points and another person scores 60 points, it is really not a problem of fifty steps and a hundred steps. People with 55 points must at least pass first, even if it is to become a professional player who looks like a dish. And Tian was like a walking dead on S11.

"Sitting on the Guest's Ear" S11 Gao Tianliang: Merit and Fault Are Irreparable Life is important in the arena

Xiaotian's biggest problem is mentality. It's hard to believe that Tian, who played the savior of the FPX in S9, would play all sorts of outrageous maneuvers in the following seasons, but that's the way it is. It was Tian who helped S9's FPX win the world championship, and it was FPX's unique system that made Tian. Without this system, maybe Tian would be more like swimming naked than Doinb. Some say it was the contract problem that caused Tian's psychological problems, causing Tian to have a bad mentality in the game. I don't think it's absolutely relevant. Play badly is bad, don't use the contract as an excuse, don't use the contract to hide the problem. Everyone knows that the World Championship is a place to pay a price, will Tian not know? Instead of playing a bad game, why not play your own value and sign a better big contract? At the end of the day, Tian's game mentality is not good. So will Tian's game mentality get better in the future? Unlikely, I'm afraid. FPX has given Tian enough opportunities and time, and the mentality problem is difficult to eradicate.

"Sitting on the Guest's Ear" S11 Gao Tianliang: Merit and Fault Are Irreparable Life is important in the arena

However, on the long road of life, it is much more important to be off the field, and long-term mental health is much more important than performance. Seeing Tian's final scene of packing up his things after the Group A qualifying match, I was very sad for this player. I don't know how far Tian's emotional breakdown is, but he really shouldn't be suffering here. Life is happier under the sun. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and they don't have to die in one place. Tian is the kind of professional player who does not have bad honors, brilliant and dashing, what else can not put down?

No one can erase Tian's exploits in S9, but it is also impossible to ignore Tian's poor performance in S11.