Mystery Shop No. 31 opens and 9 epics and 1 legend joins

author:Du shed tears

The number of new skins on the shelves of the recent game of King Glory is indeed quite a lot, of which the legend skin has been listed three times this month, namely Xi Shi's FMVP skin and Wang Zhaojun's Tanabata exclusive legend, as well as Zhao Yun's World Crown Legend, speaking of the World Crown Legend skin, the recent KPL World Championship game has ended, the QG team has won the final championship, and the next FMVP skin has been given to Fly, although no skin candidates have been announced, but according to the situation of the game, it can be seen that it must be Ma Chao, Because Fly used Ma Chao to steal the family to win, the game can be said to be very exciting.

After the end of the World Championship competition, the official is also on the shelves of the champion team's activity rewards, after the 31st update, the mystery shop opens, and the champion lineup heroes are free, which is the reward at the end of each world championship game in the game, and there is also a champion avatar frame on the shelves, then the skins added in the mystery shop are very much looking forward to, and it can be determined that there are 9 epic skins and a legendary skin to join.

Epic skin game inside there are a lot, the field to join will certainly not appear again, the mystery store can only add direct sales of skins, so you can infer out several skins, of which the millennium fox and cat and dog diary we can look forward to it, if you draw a 50% discount, no matter which epic skin is very profitable, cat and dog diary is the situation in the game skin, so like a lot of players, the most important thing is that people out of the star yuan, the general epic cost performance of the star yuan skin is very high.

There is also Li Bai's Millennium Fox is also a favorite target of many small partners, this skin skill special effects and modeling design are very good, players who like Li Bai feel that the Millennium Fox is the most cost-effective, because 788 coupons can be obtained, and after the discount, not to mention, the most important thing is that the feel is great, and it is also the biggest advantage of this epic skin.

Legend skin candidate is expected to be Zhang Liang's golden Aries, before the shelves are Dharma's golden Leo, Tianmei will not choose the popular legend skin to join the mystery store, so the unpopular golden Saint Seiya skin is definitely Zhang Liang, the legend skin is this more advanced skin, with exclusive return to the city special effect, the golden Saint Seiya skin skill effect is golden, so the sense of blow is very good.