The chief designer of the Great Yuan Empire, Liu Bingzhong

author:Kanto Chivalrous

Liu Bingzhong (1216-1274) was a wandering monk who helped Yuan Shizu conquer the world, change the name of the country to Dayuan, build a capital city, and complete the hegemony. Liu Bingzhong's original name was Liu Kan, and he became a monk with the title of Zicong. Liu Bingzhong was an outstanding politician and literary scholar in the early Yuan Dynasty, whose ancestral home was Ruizhou and whose ancestors were officials of the Liao State for generations. He was born on the execution bench, born with a beautiful and beautiful life, and his personality was bold and informal. Since childhood, he has been gifted with clever poetry books. At the age of seventeen, he served as an envoy to the Xingtai Festival, in order to support his parents. Later, he was tired of this kind of step-by-step life of a small official, and came to Wu'an Mountain to live in seclusion. A few years later, the Zen master Yuzhao of Tianning Temple accepted him as an apprentice, and Liu Bingzhong became a monk. Later, in the clouds, Junantang Temple. When Yuan Shizu was still in the background, Guangluo talent invited Haiyun Zen Master to come out of the mountain. The Zen master Haiyun had long heard of Liu Bingzhong's name and invited him to go with him, and Kublai Khan treated him very much. Liu Bingzhong loves to read, and the subset of history, astronomy, geography, and divination are all familiar, and he knows all the major events in the world, and the ancestors of the Yuan Dynasty are like the most precious treasures. Liu Bingzhong's thousands of words have been reasonably adopted. Later, Liu Bingzhong followed Kublai Khan in his conquests of Dali and the Southern Song Dynasty, and each time he praised heaven and earth for thinking of a good life, and advised Kublai Khan to kill less and give more grace, thus enabling tens of thousands of people to survive. In the first year of the Central Unification (1260), Kublai Khan asked for ways to govern the world and recuperate. Liu Bingzhong adopted the reasonable part of the old system and suggested that Kublai Khan issue an edict to establish the Yuan Dynasty, set up Zhongshu Province, and Xuanfu Division. The former courtiers of the past and the hidden soil of the hidden mountains and forests were reused. Liu Bingzhong regarded the world as his duty, everything was big and small, and everything related to the general state was often known, Kublai Khan obeyed his words, and the monarch Guan Iti was very close. Liu Bingzhong: There are people with insight, and most of those who have been recommended by him will become able ministers in the future. Liu Bingzhong knows astronomy, geography, and feng shui. Kublai Khan asked him to preside over the construction of the capital city and the capital city, and the architectural pattern of Beijing City today is from Liu Bingzhong's handwriting. Liu Bingzhong also formulated court etiquette, the canonical system, the official system, the clothing chapter and the feng lu, etc., and improved the state apparatus. In the eighth year of Zhengzheng (1271), Liu Bingzhong suggested that Kublai Khan take the meaning of "Dazha Qianyuan" in the I Ching and change the name of the country to Mongolia to Dayuan. Liu Bingzhong was appointed as the Doctor of Guanglu, diligent and tireless, although he was a very popular subject and a vegetarian, he was a famous black-clad prime minister in history all day long. After the completion of the Yuan capital in the eleventh year of the Yuan Dynasty (1271), Liu Bingzhong sat still and died at the age of fifty-nine. Kublai Khan, the ancestor of the Yuan Dynasty, was very saddened and posthumously honored him as Taifu (太傅), the Duke of Zhao (赵国公), with the courtesy name "Wenzhen". Later, Liu Bingzhong's status gradually increased, and he was posthumously awarded to the King of Changshan. Throughout the more than ninety years of the Yuan Dynasty, Liu Bingzhong was the only person among the Han people who ranked as the Third Duke.

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